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Photography & Videography in Switzerland

I am Suli

I've always been fascinated by photography and drove my mother crazy when I used up the whole (& expensive) film roll from her analog camera on a single class trip to the Dino Museum. And the result left a lot to be desired haha. But I had caught fire and photography became a much-loved hobby. After my apprenticeship as a Graphic Designer, I set myself a new, bold goal: I wanted to become a wedding photographer and take unique pictures. But first I had to get a lot of friends to help me (aka let me taking pictures of them) and that's how things took their course. I have now been a selfemployed photographer for several years and I am incredibly happy about it. I love photographing people and creatively capturing a small or large stage in their lives. But there is also a life besides photography: I found my best friend, Marc, over 10 years ago and I am married to him, yaaayy. :) We love to spend time together and have one big passion in common: Our faith in Jesus & God. God is our foundation and our hope. We both love to be creative: Marc is a passionate musician & producer and I enjoy thrifting and decorating. We also both love nature, adventure and people.

But enough about me for now. I'm not alone: together with my two wonderful videographers, Maja & Pete and my two associate photographers Tamara & Johanna, we form a small team. Maja & Pete work with me as wedding and elopement videographers. Tamara & Johanna take on photo shoots and weddings from time to time.


Annina & Kevin

Thank you Suli! We love your photos and we felt so comfortable having you at our wedding! It never felt like a photo shoot, it was more like enjoying, laughing together, quickly trying out a funny pose. And you not only accompanied us, but also encouraged us to simply enjoy each other and the big day from the heart! It was so great to have someone next to us who was so enthusiastic about our wedding and kept telling us so. When we missed the sunset due to tiredness and then used the twilight to take a few pictures for two, it became a nice refueling & processing time. And we took some beautiful pictures. And your style is so beautiful! We love how you play with the light and the colors, how you capture not only people and moments but also the atmosphere! 

Feedback & Love Notes

This was the second time we had the pleasure of doing a shoot with Suli. After capturing our wedding in a unique way, she also enchanted us with expressive and natural snapshots during the pregnancy shoot. The uncomplicated and pleasant cooperation and her incredible, artistic eye for photography convinced us once again. We are still super happy that Suli captured these two great experiences in our lives, so that we can feel back to those days every time we look at the pictures.

Feedback & Love Notes

Sara & Luca

I once heard someone say that taking family pictures with kids is like paying someone to take pictures of your panic attack because it is so stressful (haha) and they aren’t exactly wrong. Of course exactly on the day we wanted to look the most perfect, everything went wrong. My kids were crying, didn’t want to do what we wanted to do for the pictures, and it went on and on and on. As a mom it was a really stressful time, but Suli handled it super well, and reassured us it was ok and normal. So we just kept going, making the best we could out of the situation. At the end of the shoot, I honestly felt quite disappointed, because I couldn’t imagine that the pictures would be very good, and we didn’t take some that I was really hoping to get. But then when Suli sent us the finished pictures ooooh my gooodneeeess, they were so perfect. We all look so peaceful and happy, and somehow she managed to capture the feeling of my family, even though it wasn’t our best day. I’m always going to love looking back on these pictures, and I definitely won’t be remembering how stressful it was—just how much I love my beautiful family.

Feedback & Love Notes

Abigail & Matthias

Suli was absolutely FANTASTIC. My husband and I got our wedding photos done in the Swiss Alps and Suli gave excellent recommendations for locations for both us to stay and for the photos themselves. She guided us through the whole process without any issues even though we were Americans traveling to Switzerland. She would respond within a day or two ever time we asked something even month after the photos were given back to us. She was super nice and made us feel so comfortable even though we are not naturally very photogenic. We are absolutely obsessed with the photos and Suli will do nothing short of climbing a mountain to get the perfect shot. They are photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Since meeting her I have followed her on social media and her portfolio is stacked with everything from intimate couples shoots to full scale weddings. If you are eloping or live locally to Switzerland then I highly recommend hiring Suli for any photo needs.

Feedback & Love Notes

Jessica & Logan

The shoot with Suli was fantastic! Her relaxed, upbeat and yet incredibly professional manner made us feel super comfortable. It's not every day that you get to stand infront of a camera, which Suli intercepts perfectly by giving absolutely helpful tips so that we ended up with these wonderful photos. The gift to make the moment of the shot look so natural, to press the shutter at the right second and to capture the most important moments of life forever like Suli does is art for me and she is her master. Absolute bang for the buck.

Feedback & Love Notes

Esthi & Gäbu