After Wedding Fotoshooting Schweiz

After Wedding Photoshooting

Wear the wedding dress twice and have a super relaxed and fun photoshooting

Okey imagine the following: You are standing in a breathtaking place in the mountains and the last rays of the sun are reflected on the face of your favorite person. You hold hands and read a letter to each other. Afterwards you enjoy a small picnic and have time to admire your partner in peace, quiet and you can enjoy each other in your beautiful wedding clothes, with all the loving details. You have time just for the two of you. In the back of your mind there is no schedule or all the many impressions of the wedding day. You are completely there, in the moment, with the love of your life.

Light & Time

Fully present in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest

I personally love after wedding photo shoots incredibly! Marc and I even did two and I didn't regret for a second extending the short "life" of my dress. :) If you decide to do an After Wedding Shooting while you are planning your schedule for the wedding day, it can also mean that you have less stress at the wedding itself, because you have to plan less time for the pictures as a couple. The really big advantage, however, I find is that you are more relaxed and the head is freer to perceive each other so properly and enjoy. In addition, you are not bound to make the photo shoot as close as possible to the wedding location. The possibilities are now almost limitless: Into the mountains with by railway? No problem. Drive up a mountain pass? Yep. To your city's favorite coffee shop? Okeydokey. Or would you rather roller skate through Mc Drive? Count me in pls. And also the thing with the beautiful light is much easier to do now than on the wedding day itself. And please trust me: light plays a really big role to get beautiful pictures. :)

Did I convince you?
I hope so ;)

Trashy Hochzeitsfotos mit Blitz im Dunkeln

How does it feel?

I love capturing your newlyweds love

The shoot with Suli was awesome! Her relaxed, upbeat and yet incredibly professional manner made us feel super comfortable. It's not every day that you play "model", which Suli intercepts perfectly by giving absolutely helpful tips so that we had these beautiful photos at the end. The gift to make the moment of the shot look so natural, to pull the trigger in the right second and to hold the most important moments of life forever as Suli does is for me art and she her master. Absolute bang for the buck.

Esthi & Gäbu

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