Familienfotos beim Wachseldornmoos


Family gang - you and your unique kids

Families. Whether calm or wild, crying or laughing, quiet or loud: No family is the same and that’s a good thing. All families have moments of happiness and moments when the tears flow. And that’s good too. And exactly this authenticity I want to capture in pictures. All the details, your love for each other, the activities you like to do together. The cute dimples in the cheeks, the chubby legs and the “snotty nose”, simply your unique, imperfect perfect family! (:

Beautiful Chaos

Children do not keep us from more important things. They are the most important thing. C. S. Lewis

I'll be honest: family photo shoots are usually pure chaos. Often a child has other plans than to «stand straight» and laugh into the camera. The flower or the passing tractor are certainly more exciting.

This has led me to my current photography style. I capture the spontaneous moments, I want to see the world more through the eyes of the children and involve them. And believe me: this also gives the best pictures in the end. (: Meanwhile, I love the chaos, the imperfect but real moments and am still always surprised how freaking cute family photos do turn out!

Sometimes I almost cry when I'm editing, when I see the close connection between the child and his parents. It's a huge privilege for me to capture your family in pictures!

How does it feel?

I love capturing your unique family

I once heard someone say that taking family pictures with kids is like paying someone to take pictures of your panic attack because it is so stressful (haha) and they aren’t exactly wrong. Of course exactly on the day we wanted to look the most perfect, everything went wrong. My kids were crying, didn’t want to do what we wanted to do for the pictures, and it went on and on and on. As a mom it was a really stressful time, but Suli handled it super well, and reassured us it was ok and normal. So we just kept going, making the best we could out of the situation. At the end of the shoot, I honestly felt quite disappointed, because I couldn’t imagine that the pictures would be very good, and we didn’t take some that I was really hoping to get. But then when Suli sent us the finished pictures oooooooooh my gooooodneeeeess, they were so perfect. We all look so peaceful and happy, and somehow she managed to capture the feeling of my family, even though it wasn’t our best day. I’m always going to love looking back on these pictures, and I definitely won’t be remembering how stressful it was—just how much I love my beautiful family.


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