Film Photography

Nostalgic and grainy

Quite some time ago I have discovered film photography for myself. At first I just played around with it and enjoyed capturing private moments and vacations. It filled me with such anticipation and excitement when I put the film in the mail, only to receive the digital, developed images a few days later. It’s like Christmas & Birthday together! The pictures just have a certain touch to them that you can’t get with digital photography. They are unique, nostalgic, artsy and imperfectly perfect. After some “try & error” I am so excited to officially offer film images as well. (:

Blurry & Imperfect

Analog images are unpredictably unique

No matter if you want a whole photoshoot on film only, or if you just like to have some film pictures in addition to the digital ones: Cool! :) I love both.

Marc and I have a small collection of film vacation pictures made the last few years. And I don't know why but analogue pictures mean more to us, they are more emotional and unique. They awake in me the feeling of nostalgia. And each picture was taken in a special situation. Not just carelessly snapped. No, the subject was carefully chosen and has a meaning for us. And even if it gets blurry, it's still cool. :)

At the moment I take all film pictures with my Canon A-1. I am also the proud owner of an old Polaroid camera and another backup camera. All pictures will get developed, digitally scanned and slightly edited by me.

Analoge Paarfotografie Fotoshooting Schweiz

How does it feel?

I love capturing your love on film

The afternoon with Suli was really fun: her enthusiasm for details is contagious. Thanks to her sense of humor, her interested and open nature, her creative ideas and her eye for extraordinary settings, the time went by in no time. She also managed to catch the most beautiful moments on film.

Adriana & Vinz

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