Hausgeburt Baby nach der Geburt mit Eltern

Special Moments – Real & Raw

Capturing Real Life Moments

I got to photograph my best friend’s home birth and do a “Breastfeeding” photoshoot. These two photo shoots were emotional, real and just gave me pure goosebumps. Just real life. It fascinated and inspired me and that’s why I want to offer this package for special moments and situations. It should not only be limited to home births or breastfeeding photos, no it may also be “selflove” sessions. A photo shoot that shows your growth process in a creative way. Everything that is somehow deep and real, I am happy to capture creatively.

Ashes & Gold

I want to capture milestones and create lasting memories with my images

That life is not always only colorful, but can sometimes be black and white, is what I have learned the last two years unfortunately. In me grew the desire for profound creativity and images that show not only the carefree life. The focus should still be in a positive and hopeful, but also honest way. If you are in a difficult time or have one behind you and would like to capture this creatively, photographically: It would be a great honor for me.

But also the golden moments of happiness I would like to capture through my lense. It can also be situations that are unspectacular for other people, but mean the world to you.

Tell me your story, your vision and let's create something unique and creative together. I will do my best to create a comfortable atmosphere and capture you and your idea beautifully.

How does it feel?

capturing the tender and vulnerable moments

You maybe have heard the quote that says, “We take pictures as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”. It sounds a little bit cheesy, but it is so true. I can never say how thankful I am to have so many beautiful moments frozen in time for me to revisit. Like the moment I held my firstborn for the first time ever. In the present, everything felt like a blur. I was exhausted after 15 hours of unmedicated labor, and still felt the pain of it. But suddenly time stopped as my midwife put my baby on my chest, and he looked up at me with his big, cherry eyes. It is impossible to explain the feeling of meeting your own flesh and blood for the first time. But time moved on too quickly, and he’s now walking and talking. But I never want to forget the magic of that first moment. Thanks to Suli, I have a beautiful picture of that exact moment, and I cannot tell you how much value it has to me. People sometimes ask me if I felt uncomfortable having a photographer in the room when I was giving birth, or breastfeeding in the shower. And honestly, no, I didn’t. Suli is one of the most uncomplicated people ever, and always makes me feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. And every time when I get to see the finished pictures, it fills my heart to know that these memories are somehow set in stone. Time has permission to move one. And I think this is what photography should be all about: maybe not always when we’re perfectly dressed and posing, but capturing the exact moments we are living in—the feel of your living room when your kids are playing, the way your body looks when it is growing a baby, or being in pyjamas with your partner. These are the moments you’re going to want to revisit when you’re older and different. And Suli will not disappoint.


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