Couple Photoshoot in Interlaken and Beatenberg

I was a bit nervous as I waited in the car in Interlaken for Zing & Vincent. After all, the two of them had come all the way from Singapore to Switzerland to enjoy their honeymoon. They reached out to me via Instagram to capture their special moments, and we arranged for a photoshoot together. It was to take place in Interlaken, by the beautiful Lake Thun, with a backdrop of the mountains. So, we decided to start their couple photoshoot in Interlaken, basking in the most stunning sunset light. Later, we drove up the scenic Beatenberg for about 20 minutes. But let’s start from the beginning. So there I was, a bit nervous, sitting in the car, waiting for them… Once we finally found each other, there was a cheerful greeting, and we immediately hit it off. Okay, I sometimes had a little trouble with their English accent, but since English is the primary language in Singapore, they definitely spoke better English than I did.. (: We got along really well, and it was incredibly exciting to exchange stories about our cultures. During our conversations between photos, they told me that in Singapore, the sun rises and sets at the same time every day, and there aren’t significant seasonal changes. As a Swiss kid, I can hardly imagine that. Once again, I was grateful for the diversity here. But my interest in Asian countries was definitely piqued! So, we strolled along the lake, enjoying the time and the sunshine together. Later, we all got into my car and drove up the road to Beatenberg to capture the last photos in the “blue hour.” We spontaneously stopped at two beautiful spots, stepped out of the car, and enjoyed and captured the love, the warm evening, and the nature around us. Zing and Vincent were indeed a super sweet and fun couple, and time flew by quickly. In the end, we exchanged snacks. I gave them Swiss chocolate, and they gave me a fish snack from Singapore. Haha, how cool!


How much does a couple photoshoot in Interlaken and its surroundings cost?

For a couple photoshoot in Interlaken and the surrounding areas, I charge the standard rate for a photo session of 1–1.5 hours. There’s a fixed price of 480 CHF plus travel expenses (I live in the canton of Aargau, in Oberkulm). I’m happy to assist you with the calculation. (: The price includes all pre- and post-work, including careful editing of the images. For exact information regarding the photoshoot price, feel free to contact me via the contact form.

Can you help us with outfit selection for a photoshoot?

I’m happy to send you a What to Wear Guide with lots of tips and tricks. It’s important to me that you feel super comfortable and beautiful and still be yourselves with your clothing choice for the photoshoot. (: Clothing selection is crucial for ensuring that the images are cohesive and harmonious. I’ve documented all the information in the What to Wear Guide for you.

Weather conditions and backup plans:

If you’re worried about the weather or wondering what happens if it rains, don’t panic! We can be flexible with the shoot and, if necessary, rearrange it in covered areas, such as under arches or in beautiful indoor spaces. If the weather blesses us with blue skies and sunshine, even better! (: But we can also take creative photos with clouds and rain, I promise.

Timing and duration of the photoshoot:

If you’re concerned about the timing of your photoshoot, rest assured that we’ll take the time we need to capture great shots. I’m happy to recommend early mornings or late afternoons to capture the most beautiful natural light. A typical couple shoot lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours, but if we have particularly creative ideas at a specific location, we’ll simply take the time for it. Let’s ensure that we capture the best moments without stress. (:

What should we consider for a couple photoshoot in the mountains?

If you’re as in love with the Swiss mountains as I am, it makes sense to have a photoshoot in the mountains. I’m very happy to help and support you in planning where the photoshoot should take place. I’ve been to many beautiful places, especially in the Interlaken region and generally in the Bernese Oberland. If you’re interested, we can also take a short hike together. It’s important to wear good shoes and be prepared for any weather conditions. If it looks uncertain and the temperatures drop, I recommend wearing multiple layers of clothing that can be put on or taken off as needed. Plenty of water and snacks are also very important. And that’s all it takes to capture breathtaking images in the Swiss mountains. I’m excited!! (: