Loch Ness Scotland Photography

Paar Schottland Hochlandrinder Fotoshooting

Marc and I had originally planned to go to Scotland in the spring, but that wasn’t possible because it was peak “corona season” at the time. So, we spontaneously rescheduled our vacation for August. However, we had to remain flexible because we only knew for sure two weeks beforehand whether we could enter the country. Once it was clear that we could go, I wasted no time and began searching for a Scottish couple to photograph during our trip. After a few detours, I finally came across Ash & Osh. And WOW, these two…! They run a hotel near Loch Ness, which they have beautifully and stylishly restored, especially during lockdown, and they have many more exciting plans for it. I can’t help but gush when I think back on it! They own the three coolest Scottish Highland cattle, two sweet old dogs, and now four horses. And they are simply the nicest people ever! So, if you’re ever in Scotland, be sure to pay them a visit! (Marc and I initially didn’t want to go to Loch Ness because we thought the hype was silly haha, but oh wow, it was worth stopping by to see them!)

We were warmly welcomed right away and took a little tour of their beautiful property. They have so much space to be creative and to keep animals. Marc and I were truly in awe. First, we took some pictures in front of the Old Pier House with them, and of course, their dogs were there too (: <3 Then, I wanted to use Loch Ness as a backdrop for some photos. Next, we went to their charming little pond. Personally, I prefer these small, manageable bodies of water to the larger ones (: There was even a treehouse by the pond, oh, a childhood dream?! And Ash & Osh were, of course, the most beautiful and coolest couple. I absolutely loved taking pictures of them. What a wonderful couple session! After that, we went to see the Scottish Highland cattle. Haha, I managed to convince Ash to stand in front of them for about 10 seconds, as she is a bit wary of them. They’re more Osh’s domain haha. And he definitely has them under control and isn’t intimidated by their horns! Then we took some pictures with their horses. Of course, not without many Smidges, those are Scottish midges that can fit through even the tiniest hole. Very annoying little creatures. Finally, we spontaneously parked their Jeep in the driveway and illuminated it in the dark. Ash & Osh sat in front of the Jeep, and we captured some wonderful photos. After the shoot, Marc and I were allowed to stay overnight in our van on the property and enjoyed a cozy and quiet night. Unfortunately, the next day, we had to move on. We were just so fascinated by this place and hope that we can come back someday to enjoy it all over again at our leisure.

You can find their accommodation here: oldpierhouse.com

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Scotland Elopement FAQ

What is the difference between a traditional wedding and an elopement?
Answer: An elopement is a more intimate and sometimes spontaneous celebration, often without guests or with very few, at a special location. Unlike a traditional wedding, the focus of an elopement is on the personal connection and preferences of you as a couple.
How to plan an elopement in Scotland?
Answer: Planning an elopement requires careful consideration. Finding the perfect location, obtaining necessary permits, and coordinating with vendors are crucial steps. I am happy to assist you with my experience. (: In contrast to a traditional wedding, an elopement requires significantly less elaborate planning and is also much less expensive. Plus, it’s a dream come true for adventure and nature lovers. (:

What are the advantages of having an elopement in the mountains of scotland?
Answer: Scotland and the Loch Ness provides a breathtaking natural backdrop, perfect for intimate wedding photos. The untouched nature, majestic mountains, and picturesque locations create a unique atmosphere. I highly recommend exchanging vows in such a beautiful setting; you won’t regret it. To capture the day in its fullness, I recommend both photos and a wedding video.

Is elopement only suitable for couples who are already married?
Answer: No, elopement is suitable for all couples, whether they are already married or not. It’s a special way to share intimate moments and celebrate love. Couples can have a traditional wedding and still elope, like Leyre & Juan did. They had a larger wedding in Spain and took a day to elope in Switzerland, at Lake Oeschinensee. They enjoyed themselves and reading their vows together, just the two of them. I thought it was a great solution to celebrate with family and friends while also having time for each other. Because a wedding should somehow include both, right? (:

How to choose the perfect location for an elopement?
Answer: The choice of location depends on your preferences. It should be a place that reflects your personality and makes your hearts beat faster. I would love to help you plan your elopement in Scotland and finding the perfect location.

Which season is best to elope in Scotland?
Answer: The choice of season also depends on your preferences. Do you want white snowscapes? Or perhaps lovely orange autumn trees and epic fog? Or do you prefer a beautiful sunset? I’m happy to share my experience with you and assist with planning.

How do you deal with unexpected weather during an elopement?
Answer: Flexibility is key. We were prepared for cool weather at Angie and Jeremy’s elopement and still managed to capture breathtaking shots. Having a good plan B and the right equipment are crucial. A good solution may be a bad weather option or a backup date. Or you could dance in the rain. (:

Can an elopement also include an after-wedding ceremony?
Answer: Yes, many couples opt for an after-wedding ceremony (or pre-wedding) during their elopement to exchange their vows again or perform certain rituals.

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