Elopement at Oeschinen Lake in the Swiss Mountains

Boho Elopement at Oeschinenlake in Switzerland Bride and Groom kissing.

Wow, what a breathtaking elopement at the beautiful Oeschinen Lake in the Swiss mountains. I don‘t think it could have been more perfect?! I was immediately blown away when I received the request from Leyre and Juan. Leyre is a fantastic photographer herself, capturing moments in her home country, Spain, and in New York. (How cool!) They wanted to elope in Switzerland and then celebrate in a larger setting back home in Spain a few months later. After some research, with my assistance to the best of my abilities, they chose Oeschinensee as their elopement location. They love the Swiss mountains, and the stunning blue Oeschinensee had captivated them. We reserved three whole days to catch the most beautiful weather possible. In their case, it was a good precaution as the week turned out to be quite rainy. We chose the most beautiful day and were rewarded with gorgeous sunshine and a breathtaking sunset. It was a weekday to have as few other tourists as possible because Oeschinensee is incredibly well-known and popular. The two stayed at Hotel Ermitage in Kandersteg, surrounded by high mountains and right next to the cable car station that would take us to the lake. In the afternoon, the adventure started with capturing Leyre and Juan getting ready. Wow, just Leyre‘s dress alone.. and other details like the vows, the rings, and the flowers.. Everything was thoughtfully planned. They got ready independently, then went outside for a short walk to have the first look a little distance away. Juan waited for Leyre on a large meadow with a mountain backdrop. Capturing the joy in Leyre‘s eyes and Juan‘s surprise was the best! Truly unique. (: Afterward, we took the last cable car up to Oeschinensee. Upon arrival, it was a 20-minute walk to the lake, where we stopped every few meters to take photos. Just WOW! So many beautiful spots. I could have taken photos forever. At the beginning, we encountered some people trying to catch the last cable car down. But soon, we were all alone, enjoying the peace and nature. Upon reaching the lake, the most challenging part awaited us. We had to hike for another 40 minutes to reach a beautiful viewpoint. Since we were a bit late, we rushed up the mountain so Leyre and Juan could read their vows in the most beautiful sunset light. Everything around us became even more beautiful with the evening sun. We truly had an incredibly amazing day! When we reached the viewpoint, we found the most beautiful spot with a great view of the lake. The two took their time to savor this moment together. In Spanish, they read their vows to each other, and it was very emotional. I captured it all with bated breath as the mountains turned more and more orange. Of course, champagne couldn‘t be missed to celebrate the decision. (; Now, it was slowly getting dark, so we brought out the oil lamps to take some photos with them. Oh, how I love oil lamps! (Let me know if I should bring them to your shoot too.) The day was really coming to an end, and we still had the descent ahead of us. We not only had to hike back to the lake but all the way down to the village of Kandersteg. I enjoyed chatting with the two, and I slipped and fell awkwardly only once haha. Well, whatever… (‚: What an amazing elopement in the Swiss mountains, wow! Leyre and Juan, thank you so much for your trust!!

Here are some helpful information and tips if you are considering an elopement at Oeschinen Lake:

When is the best season for an elopement at Oeschinen Lake?

Answer: The season depends on your preferences – summer for lush green landscapes or winter for snow-covered mountains. In winter, the lake can be beautifully frozen, but it might also be entirely covered in snow, making it less visible.

Which locations at Oeschinensee are suitable for wedding photos?

Answer: Popular spots include the lakeside area and various easily accessible viewpoints. The choice depends on your personal preferences and capacities. Additionally, in summer, you can rent a beautiful rowboat.

Do we need a permit for an elopement at Oeschinen Lake?

Answer: It‘s advisable to check for local permits, especially for public areas. Inquire with local authorities about any requirements. As far as I know, a specific permit is not required.

How can we personalize our elopement at Oeschinen Lake?

Answer: Customize your ceremony with personal vows, unique items, or special rituals. Adding your personal touch makes the day truly unique. Take some time as a couple to fully enjoy the day, yourselves, and the surrounding nature.

Any tips for transportation and hiking at Oeschinen Lake for the elopement?

Answer: Plan your transportation in advance and inquire about hiking trails. Consider how to inform your guests and which hiking routes align with your vision. I recommend using the „Komoot“ app; it offers many fantastic hiking trails, ranging from easy to challenging.