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Snowball wedding fight Axalp

Candy and Wei Xin found me on Instagram. They traveled all the way from Malaysia and spent a few days in Switzerland. On this occasion, they wanted to take wedding photos in Iseltwald and at the Giessbach Falls. Additionally, I suggested a third spot a bit higher up, hoping to encounter some snow. For many […]

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Analoges Foto von einem Hochzeitspaar beim Oeschinensee in den Bergen.

Wow, what a breathtaking elopement at the stunning Oeschinen Lake in the Swiss mountains! I was immediately captivated when I received Leyre and Juan‘s request. Leyre, herself a talented photographer, works between Spain and New York. (How cool is that?) They wanted to „elope“ in Switzerland and celebrate in Spain a few months later. After […]

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Brautpaar mit Petrollampen in den Schweizer Bergen beim Rosenlaui. Es ist ein Vintage Elopement.

This Elopement in the Swiss Alps, specifically at Rosenlaui in the Bernese Oberland, was one of my favorite photoshoots last year. Or probably since I started photographing. As it was a personal project to capture portfolio shots for Maja & Pete, my two wedding videographers, I planned most of it in advance and had the […]

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Hochzeitspaar in den Schweizer Bergen bei der Schynige Platte

Okay, wow, how did I get the chance to capture these breathtaking wedding photos in the Swiss Alps? Let me walk you through it. Jess and Logan, who live in America, wanted to fly to Switzerland a few weeks after their wedding in the USA to take their official wedding photos here. However, they didn‘t […]

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intime Berghochzeit im Wallis als Berghochzeit Inspiration

I am absolutely fascinated by Switzerland and its various cantons. Each canton is unique and beautiful. The canton of Valais (Wallis in German) particularly captivates me because of its consistently beautiful weather, mountain chalets made of dark wood, and, of course, the stunning mountains themselves. That‘s why I decided to plan an elopement styled shoot […]

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Boho Elopement at Oeschinenlake in Switzerland Bride and Groom kissing.

Wow, what a breathtaking elopement at the beautiful Oeschinen Lake in the Swiss mountains. I don‘t think it could have been more perfect?! I was immediately blown away when I received the request from Leyre and Juan. Leyre is a fantastic photographer herself, capturing moments in her home country, Spain, and in New York. (How […]

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