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This is about you and your favorite person. Your love deserves to be captured in a way that you can relive these memories again and again.
Let’s have a little adventure together.

Swiss Couple- and Weddingphotographer

Moments, feelings, tears of joy, laughter, goosebumps, chaos, beauty, wind, silence, love, storms, rain, sun, your story, hand squeezes, embraces, touch, twinkling eyes.

THIS and so much more deserves to be photographed.


I'm Suli

I live with my husband—who also happens to be my best friend—Marc, and our snow-white cat, Yari, in beautiful Switzerland. We’re both creatives, and we looove beautiful things. Marc mostly loves making music and produces songs. Besides photography I'm fascinated by vintage stuff, decorating our apartment and diy tutorials (and some more, but I won't bore you haha). I love spending a cozy time with friends and chatting about God and the world. Recently Marc and I bought a Mercedes Sprinter and are in the process of converting it to travel around the world. We are excited about marriage and convinced that there is a God who loves us incredibly!

It fascinates me over and over again to capture couples and weddings! I love to capture you, with my camera, and spend a good time together, let my creativity flow to give YOU a gift of beautiful images. I always make every effort to take unique pictures that reflect you and your relationship.

Whether you want to go to the mountains, have a backyard wedding, picnic by the lake or what-ever-you-have-in-mind: I'M IN!

Woohoo, let’s become friends and have some fun together?


What they say about me ;)

Sarah & Scott

Loose and relaxed - that's how we would describe the shoot with Suli. She also passed the flexibility test: we wanted to spontaneously after the first look to the fair weather shooting location (despite rain :). Suli did not let herself be told twice.
We were just in the car on the way to the honeymoon, when the cell phone display completely unexpectedly announced a message from Suli. "Häää, the previews are already here!" "Stop, don't look at them, I want to see them too!". At the next opportunity we stopped and stayed for quite a while, because we could hardly get enough of looking.
With the photos (and also sooo much with the GIFs) we keep diving into this unique day and reminiscing. She captured moments and emotions in her a way we love so deeply: spontaneous, honest and artful (#artsyvibes :). Thank you so much for being part of it, dear Suli! 🤍

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What they say about me ;)

Tämi & Luca

Uncomplicated, spontaneous, laid-back and an absolutely at ease. That’s how our Couple Session went with Suli. We defied the rain, and Suli had no problem with taking us into the woods. Our shoes didn’t stay white for long, and in return the photos were that much more authentic, as the location unique. Suli has such a creative eye, she sees cool backgrounds, and gives simple instructions. Our initial insecurity diminished through Suli’s casual and laid-back manner. It is clear that Suli will also be present at our wedding!

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What they say about me ;)

Judith & Gabriel

We get compliments over and over again if the people see the wonderful pictures which Suli captured and we are so happy that we gave Suli the «Go» to be our wedding photographer. At first we don’t wanted to have much captured of our day but we expanded the hours and we couldn’t be happier about it. We now have a gapless photo album of all the precious moments and details. Despite hard circumstances, Suli proved to be a kind, relaxed, flexible photographer and was easy going through the whole process.

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Travel plans

April 27 – May 14


May 26 – 29

Crete, Greece

september 10 – October 3

We don't know yet..

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