Oeschinenlake Couple Photographer

Paar auf gefrorenem Oeschinensee

The photo shoot at Lake Oeschinen arose from my desire to experiment a bit. I had long been intrigued by the creative effects produced by a tilt-shift lens. Originally intended for architectural photography to straighten buildings, haha yeah, you can tell, technology isn’t my thing. I’m more interested in the artsy effects the lens creates. Unfortunately, this lens is very expensive, and I was fortunate enough to borrow it from (my big role model, hehe) Phil Wenger. Thanks! (:

Now all I needed was a couple willing to come with me to Lake Oeschinen to take some beautiful pictures. So, I simply asked on Instagram if there were any volunteers, and that’s when Sabrina & Mattia stepped up. They had the “friends’ bonus,” so I was immediately excited to get them in front of the camera and spend some time with them.

So, off we went together, first by car and then by cable car, to the breathtaking Lake Oeschinen. From the cable car, it’s just a short walk before the frozen but not yet snow-covered lake lay before us. Wow, it was really so beautiful; at some spots, you could even see to the bottom. Unfortunately, it was a bit slippery for me because my winter shoes somehow didn’t have a non-slip sole haha. So, I was a few times close to falling to the ground with the cameras. But I managed to save myself just in time.. (:

The time on the lake was super enjoyable with the two lovely and beautiful people. We had our fun, and in the process, beautiful pictures were taken. However, it wasn’t so easy to get used to the tilt-shift lens since it doesn’t have autofocus. (: But that makes the pictures even more “artsy,” and that’s what I love!

Lake Oeschinen Photography FAQ’s

How much does a couple photoshoot cost?
For a couple photoshoot, I charge the standard fees for a photo session of 1–1.5 hours. There is a fixed price of 480 CHF plus travel expenses (I live in the canton of Aargau, in Oberkulm). I’m happy to assist you with the calculation. (: The price includes all pre- and post-work, including careful editing of the images. For detailed information regarding the photoshoot price, feel free to contact me via the contact form.

Can you help us with choosing outfits for a photoshoot?
Certainly! I can send you a What to Wear Guide with many tips and tricks. It’s important to me that you feel super comfortable and beautiful while still being yourselves with your clothing choice for the photoshoot. (: Clothing selection is crucial to ensure that the images are cohesive and harmonious. I have documented all the information in the What to Wear Guide for you.

What should we wear for a winter couple photoshoot?
Cozy sweaters, scarves, and hats add warmth and coziness to your look. Winter jackets in neutral or muted tones complement the wintry surroundings well. Don’t forget warm boots or shoes, especially if we’ll be moving around outdoors in the snow. Be sure to wear warm thermal clothing and bring things to warm up in between. We wouldn’t want you to be stiff from the cold. (: I’ll be happy to bring hot tea for you. Gloves and hand warmers can also help keep your hands from freezing. (:

Weather conditions and backup plans?
If you’re worried about the weather or wondering what happens if it rains, don’t panic! We can flexibly adjust the shoot and, if needed, move to covered areas like under archways or beautiful indoor spaces. Of course, if the weather gifts us with a blue sky and radiant sun, even better! (: But rest assured, we can still create creative photos with clouds and rain, I promise.

Timing and duration of the photoshoot?
If you’re considering the timing of your photoshoot, rest assured we’ll take the time needed to capture great shots. I often recommend early mornings or late afternoons to capture the most beautiful natural light. A typical couple shoot lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours, but if we have particularly creative ideas at a specific location, we’ll simply take the time for it. Let’s ensure together that we capture the best moments without stress. (:

Feel free to contact me here if you would like to do a photoshoot at Lake Oeschinen as well.