Proposal Engagement Photoshooting Lauterbrunnen

Proposal Photoshooting in Lauterbrunnen Valley

When I got the E-Mail from Abel that he wants to propose to his girl Nancy I was so stoked! The proposal should happen in Lauterbrunnen Valley. Unfortunately on their stay in Switzerland I was in holidays so my associate photographer Johanna took over and I edited the photos afterwards. The plan was to go to Mürren with the train to have a beautiful look over the Lauterbrunnen Valley. The weather wasn’t really in the mood to be beautiful and sunny this day so they decided to take a stroll through the Lauterbrunnen Valley itself instead. And oh boy, it was worth it! Because of the weather they had the place for themself and it was just moooody and wild. Although it was pouring rain they were enjoying every second of it. Aren’t they the freaking cutest couple omg? Editing the pictures made me so sad that I couldn’t meet them myself.. :’) But Johanna did a freaking amazing good job, I love the pictures so much!


Can you help me plan a proposal Photoshoot? Where to go and so on?
Answer: Yes, sure! I know the best view points and photo spots in Lauterbrunnen Valley, the Village, Mürren and Wengen. I would love to help you planning your proposal in Lauterbrunnen. I also would love to help you plan to avoid the crowds.

Which time of day is best for a proposal photoshoot in Lauterbrunnen?
Answer: Lauterbrunnen’s beauty is highlighted the best in the early morning hours. This time offers the best lighting conditions and a calm atmosphere before the tourist crowds arrive. Keep in mind that due to the tall cliffs on both sides of the valley, the sun appears a bit later in the day. There is no sunrise or sunset like at flat places.

Which season highlights Lauterbrunnen’s unique beauty the most?
Answer: Each season has its own charm, but summer showcases the valley with lush green meadows, full waterfalls, and majestic mountains. Winter, with its snowy landscape, also offers incredible beauty, though some waterfalls may be less imposing due to reduced water flow and potential closures. And it’s not promised that there will be snow for sure.

Are there specific photo spots in Lauterbrunnen that are highly recommended?
Answer: In addition to the famous waterfalls, there is a scenic viewpoint in the village offering a captivating view of the valley and the distinctive church of Lauterbrunnen. This “postcard view” is best enjoyed during off-peak hours to avoid crowds. I also love to go to Wengen or to Mürren with the train to have a stunner look down at the Valley. Plus there are less people and this means more privacy for the proposal. (:

Are there any special regulations or restrictions for photoshoots in Lauterbrunnen?
Answer: Lauterbrunnen enforces strict regulations about staying on marked paths. Despite these rules, you can still capture beautiful photos. I can guide you to the most scenic locations while adhering to these guidelines.

Which waterfalls are considered the most impressive in Lauterbrunnen?
Answer: The most notable waterfalls include Staubbach Falls, Trümmelbach Falls, and Mürrenbach Falls. Incorporating these into your family photoshoot can add a special highlight to your experience.

What does a photoshoot in Lauterbrunnen Valley cost?
As example the price of a family or a couple photoshoot 1–1.5 hr would be 480 chf. If you wanna do a little hike in Wengen or Mürren I would recommend to book the 2–3 hr photoshoot which will cost 700 chf. The travelcosts to Lauterbrunnen would be 200 chf.