Switzerland Elopement

This cute little Elopement of Lisa and Micha in the Alps of Switzerland at the Klöntalersee was so sweet and beautiful. We had so much fun exploring the nature of Klöntalersee in the Alps of Glarus in Switzerland and taking some pictures just before they eloped. They wanted to write their vows with the magical Swiss mountain lake in the background. They sat down in the grass to write their love words to each other. After this they changed in their elopement clothes: a beautiful white dress for the bride and comfortable suit for the groom. But hold on it got even more cute: Together they picked some wildflowers next to the boats to have a little flower bouquet for the elopement ceremony. I was melting.. (‘:

The moment has come and they read their vows (on selfmade and handmade paper) to each other. And just after they were finished some heavy raindrops started to fall down. But this didn’t bother them at all and they had so much fun running around in the rain and enjoying the beauty of the nature. What a wonderful day it was!

If you wanna elope in Switzerland and would like to have me as your Elopement Photographer then check out this Link. You will find all the information you’ll need there. (: If you are on the search for the perfect Elopement Location then I created this Guide for you. And if you feel a little lost about Planning an Elopement in Switzerland: I got you! I created a detailed planning Guide about eloping in Switzerland. Feel free to check it out as well. Looking forward to hear from you and capture your special day in Switzerland! For booking and questions you can contact me here.

Elopement in Switzerland FAQ

What is the difference between a traditional wedding and an elopement?
Answer: An elopement is typically a more intimate and often spontaneous celebration, usually with no guests or just a few close ones, at a special location. Unlike a traditional wedding, the focus of an elopement is on your personal connection and preferences as a couple.

How can you plan an elopement in the Swiss Alps?
Answer: Planning an elopement requires careful consideration. Key steps include finding the perfect location, obtaining necessary permits, and coordinating with service providers. I’m here to help with my experience. (: Compared to a traditional wedding, an elopement requires significantly less extensive planning and is much more affordable. Plus, it’s perfect for those who love adventure and nature. (:

What are the benefits of an elopement in the mountains for wedding photography?
Answer: The Swiss Alps offer a stunning natural backdrop, perfect for intimate wedding photos. The pristine nature, majestic mountains, and picturesque spots create a unique ambiance. I wholeheartedly recommend saying your vows in such a beautiful setting – you won’t regret it. To capture the day fully, I suggest creating both photos and a wedding video.

Is an elopement only suitable for couples who have already married?
Answer: No, an elopement is suitable for all couples, whether they are already married or not. It’s a special way to share intimate moments and celebrate love. You can have a traditional wedding and still elope, like Leyre & Juan did. They had a larger wedding in Spain and then took a day at Oeschinensee in Switzerland to elope. They deeply enjoyed reciting their vows to each other in private. I found this a wonderful solution to celebrate with family and friends while also having time for themselves. After all, a wedding should somehow include both, right? (:

How do you choose the perfect location for an elopement?
Answer: The choice of location depends on your preferences. It should be a place that reflects your personality and makes your hearts race. For example, the Klöntalersee provided the perfect magical and beautiful setting for an elopement on one occasion.

Which season is best for an elopement in the Swiss Alps?
Answer: The best season depends on your desires. Do you want snowy landscapes? Or do you prefer the orange hues of autumn trees and epic fog? Or perhaps a beautiful sunset on a Swiss pass? I’m happy to share my experiences and assist in planning.

How do you handle unexpected weather during an elopement?
Answer: Flexibility is key. For Lisa and Micha’s elopement we were prepared for some rain and still managed to capture stunning photos. A good plan B and the right equipment are essential. You might consider having a bad weather option or a backup date. Or, you could embrace the rain and dance in it like they did. (:

Can an elopement include an after-wedding ceremony?
Answer: Yes, many couples choose to have an after-wedding (or pre-wedding) ceremony during their elopement to exchange their vows again or perform certain rituals.