Elopement in the Swiss Alps

Brautpaar mit Petrollampen in den Schweizer Bergen beim Rosenlaui. Es ist ein Vintage Elopement.

This Elopement in the Swiss Alps, specifically at Rosenlaui in the Bernese Oberland, was one of my favorite photoshoots last year. Or probably since I started photographing. As it was a personal project to capture portfolio shots for Maja & Pete, my two wedding videographers, I planned most of it in advance and had the freedom to shape everything. My idea was to photograph and film a Vintage Elopement in the stunning Swiss Alps. Since my dear videographers, Maja & Pete, live about 15 minutes from Rosenlaui (an absolutely magical place in Switzerland and a great photo location), it made sense to capture the elopement there. A few months earlier, I had found this beautiful vintage wedding dress in a second-hand store, patiently waiting for its moment. When I convinced Angie and Jeremy to be the wedding couple for this project, I knew: I had to try this dress on Angie; she would be the perfect bride! And it indeed fit like a glove! The five of us drove to a beautiful photo spot with a great view of Rosenlaui an hour before dusk. It was super cold, but Angie and Jeremy didn‘t let it bother them; they enjoyed their time together while I took photos and Maja & Pete captured breathtaking video footage. The two officially got married in the summer, and it was wonderful that they read their vows again in this wild nature. Their words were deep, genuine, and touching. A subsequent champagne celebration was, of course, a must. As it slowly got dark, we lit the brought petroleum lamps, creating fantastic images and video footage. I am still blown away by this Vintage Elopement in the Swiss Alps, an absolute dream for me. On such days, I could truly take photos forever, if it weren‘t for the cold.. 😛 Thank you, Angie and Jeremy, for your flexibility and your cozy and loving nature. You guys are amazing! <3

FAQs and Helpful Tips for Your Elopement in the Swiss Alps:

What is the difference between a traditional wedding and an elopement?

Answer: An elopement is a more intimate and sometimes spontaneous celebration, often with few or no guests, at a special location. In contrast to a traditional wedding, the focus of an elopement is on the personal connection and preferences of you as a couple.

How to plan an elopement in the Swiss Alps?

Answer: Planning an elopement requires careful consideration. Finding the perfect location, obtaining necessary permits, and coordinating service providers are crucial steps. I am happy to assist you with my experience. (: Unlike a traditional wedding, an elopement requires significantly less elaborate planning and is also much less expensive. And all adventure and nature lovers will get their money‘s worth with an elopement. (:

What are the advantages of eloping in the mountains for wedding photos?

Answer: The Swiss Alps offer a breathtaking natural backdrop perfect for intimate wedding photos. The pristine nature, majestic mountains, and picturesque locations create a unique atmosphere. I highly recommend exchanging vows in such a beautiful environment; you won‘t regret it. To fully capture the day, I recommend both photos and a wedding video.

Is elopement only suitable for couples who are already married?

Answer: No, elopement is suitable for all couples, whether they are already married or not. It is a special way to share intimate moments and celebrate love. You can have a traditional wedding and elope, like Leyre & Juan did. They had a larger wedding at home in Spain but took a day in Switzerland, at Lake Oeschinen, to elope. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and reading their vows, just the two of them, amidst incredible nature. I thought it was a great solution to celebrate with family and friends and still have time for each other. Because a wedding should somehow include both, right? (:

How to choose the perfect location for an elopement?

Answer: The choice of location depends on your preferences. It should be a place that reflects your personality and makes your hearts beat faster. Rosenlaui provided the perfect backdrop with its magic and beauty on that day.

Which season is best for eloping in the Swiss Alps?

Answer: The choice of the season depends on your preferences. Do you want white snowy landscapes? Or do you prefer lovely orange autumn trees and epic fog? Or maybe a beautiful sunset on a Swiss mountain pass? I am happy to share my experience with you and help with the planning.

How to deal with unexpected weather during an elopement?

Answer: Flexibility is key. We were prepared for cool weather at Angie and Jeremy‘s elopement and still managed to capture breathtaking shots. A good Plan B and the right equipment are crucial. A good solution can be a bad weather option or a rescheduling date. Or you can dance in the rain. (:

Can an elopement include an Afterwedding ceremony?

Answer: Yes, many couples opt for an Afterwedding ceremony (or Pre-Wedding) during their elopement to exchange vows again or perform certain rituals.

The beautiful bouquet was from Rahel, thank you!

Elopement Location: Rosenlaui, Bernese Oberland

Here‘s the breathtaking video!