Breathtaking Wedding Photos in the Swiss Alps

Hochzeitspaar in den Schweizer Bergen bei der Schynige Platte

Okay, wow, how did I get the chance to capture these breathtaking wedding photos in the Swiss Alps? Let me walk you through it. Jess and Logan, who live in America, wanted to fly to Switzerland a few weeks after their wedding in the USA to take their official wedding photos here. However, they didn‘t want typical photos. Jess didn‘t want pictures in a white wedding dress; she envisioned a purple dress with a cape! I was thrilled when I heard this because I love unconventional things. They also wanted their wedding photos up high, surrounded by mountains. They asked me for advice on a place to stay and photography locations nearby. Of course, Interlaken was perfect for their wishes. It‘s easily accessible from Zurich Airport by train and offers great hotels and restaurants. Plus, there‘s a wide selection of photo locations with stunning views of valleys and peaks. Jess and Logan ultimately chose Schynige Platte, over 2000 meters high, for their wedding photos. We met in Interlaken and took the train and the legendary cogwheel railway higher until we finally arrived at Schynige Platte – Top of Swiss Tradition. Even though it was October, we had caught a summer-like day, and the temperatures were surprisingly pleasant in the Swiss Alps. I didn‘t mind at all, even though I‘m unfortunately a bit sensitive to the cold. (: We explored the surroundings and took beautiful photos together. I loved getting to know the couple better and exchanging stories about our lives. It was refreshing to breathe in the mountain air and capture wedding photos in such a setting with two beautiful souls. I felt truly honored, and it tremendously fueled my creativity. As the afternoon slowly passed, we decided to take the cogwheel railway back and capture a few more pictures by the lake in Interlaken. It was slowly getting dark, creating a perfect atmosphere. I adore the time after sunset, the so-called „Blue Hour.“ The light is soft and somehow makes everything a bit more romantic. What a beautiful, fun, and unique day it was! THANK YOU, Jess & Logan, for your trust. It brought me incredible joy to capture your wedding photos here in my beloved Swiss Alps.


Why is Interlaken a recommended place to stay for a wedding photoshoot in the Swiss Alps?

Answer: Interlaken not only offers convenient access from Zurich Airport but also provides a picturesque blend of impressive mountains, charming hotels, and cozy restaurants. The variety of photo locations and stunning views of valleys and peaks make it an ideal choice for unforgettable wedding pictures.

Any other photo location suggestions near Interlaken in the Swiss Alps?

Answer: Lauterbrunnental, Blausee, Oeschinensee, Rosenlaui, Grindelwald, etc.! The possibilities are endless, and there‘s something for every taste. I‘m happy to assist you in planning.

How to choose the perfect location for wedding photos in the Swiss Alps?

Answer: When selecting a location for your wedding pictures, it‘s crucial to consider your preferences. We chose Schynige Platte, with its over 2000-meter-high location and legendary cogwheel railway, offering a unique backdrop. Exactly what Jess and Logan envisioned.

Thank you, Jess, for your kind words <3:

Suli was absolutely FANTASTIC. My husband and I got our wedding photos done in the Swiss Alps and Suli gave excellent recommendations for locations for both us to stay and for the photos themselves. She guided us through the whole process without any issues even though we were Americans traveling to Switzerland.  She would respond within a day or two ever time we asked something even month after the photos were given back to us.  She was super nice and made us feel so comfortable even though we are not naturally very photogenic. We are absolutely obsessed with the photos and Suli will do nothing short of climbing a mountain to get the perfect shot. They are photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Since meeting her I have followed her on social media and her portfolio is stacked with everything from intimate couples shoots to full scale weddings. If you are eloping or live locally to Switzerland then I highly recommend hiring Suli for any photo needs.


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