Family photoshoot in Lauterbrunnen Valley

Familienfotos im Lauterbrunnen Tal. Mutter, Vater und Sohn.

This beautiful request for a family photoshoot in Lauterbrunnen came from Andrea via Instagram. As a family, they were traveling in Europe and wanted to capture their family time in the breathtaking Lauterbrunnen Valley. Naturally, I was immediately excited and gladly took the 1.5-hour drive to capture this wonderful family in a location full of waterfalls and impressive mountains. My last photoshoot in Lauterbrunnen was in December, and the landscape looked different in the summer. Rich green meadows, flowing waterfalls, and towering cliffs awaited me. We did the photoshoot in the early morning hours, as Lauterbrunnen is usually crowded with tourists by 9 AM. Since they were already waking up early with Elias, it worked perfectly for both of us. We met at a picnic spot and stopped at various beautiful photo spots. And there are many of them in the Lauterbrunnen Valley – a total of 72 waterfalls, wow! It was a cozy and beautiful time with Andrea, Adam, and Elias. I love learning more about my couples, especially when they come from abroad. Our life circumstances are all so different yet somehow not so different. (: And their little boy was just so cute! As a memory, Andrea wore the same dress as she did during the maternity photoshoot. I thought it was a great idea, and the blue matched wonderfully with the blue mountains in the background.

Since Lauterbrunnen is an incredibly famous place, there are many signs prohibiting leaving the paths. This makes it a bit challenging to capture the beautiful landscape without breaking any rules. However, through location scouting and various photoshoots, I now know some great spots.

There is a famous viewpoint in the village of Lauterbrunnen, offering a great view of the valley and the beautiful church of Lauterbrunnen. This spot was, of course, essential for the photos. It is highly recommended to visit at off-peak times, preferably early in the morning, to avoid crowds. Towards the end, the sun emerged from behind the mountains, and we walked back through the village to the parking lot. Although little Elias was a bit under the weather and not always in the mood to shine, it was a beautiful photoshoot with this lovely family, and we still managed to capture some smiles from him. (: Thank you very much, dear Andrea, Adam, and Elias, for your trust in letting me capture your moments in this beautiful place!


Which time of day is particularly recommended for a family photoshoot in Lauterbrunnen? Answer: The beauty of Lauterbrunnen unfolds best in the early morning hours. This allows for optimal lighting conditions and a peaceful atmosphere before the influx of tourists. However, please note that the sun appears a bit later in the day due to the towering cliffs on both sides of the valley. (:

Which season showcases the unique beauty of Lauterbrunnen most intensely? Answer: Every season brings its own charm, but in summer, the valley reveals itself with lush green meadows, cascading waterfalls, and majestic mountains. However, even in winter, when everything is covered in snow, the valley looks incredibly beautiful. Then again, some waterfalls may be closed, and they appear less imposing as they have less water flow than in summer.

Are there specific photo spots in Lauterbrunnen that are highly recommended? Answer: Apart from the well-known waterfalls, there is a picturesque viewpoint within the village itself. From here, you can enjoy a captivating view of the valley and the distinctive church of Lauterbrunnen, almost like a „postcard view.“ Visiting during off-peak hours is advised to fully appreciate the beauty without crowds.

Are there any special regulations or restrictions for photoshoots in Lauterbrunnen? Answer: Lauterbrunnen is known for strict regulations regarding leaving marked paths. Despite these restrictions, beautiful pictures can still be taken. I‘d be happy to guide you to the most scenic locations.

Which waterfalls are considered the most impressive in Lauterbrunnen? Answer: Some of the most prominent waterfalls include Staubbach Falls, Trümmelbach Falls, and Mürrenbach Falls. Visiting these locations during a family photoshoot can add an extra highlight to the experience.