Surprise Proposal Photoshooting in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Proposal at Lauterbrunnen Valley

The “marriage proposal photo shoot in Lauterbrunnen” was super special for me! Because it was my first official assignment to capture a marriage proposal. And it was all undercover. So there was plenty of reason to be nervous. The fact that it wasn’t my first marriage proposal that I photographed is another story. I was super excited when Jonathan emailed me and told me about his plans. He and Nancy live in America, but had come to Switzerland for the vacations. Here he wanted to ask his dear Nancy the all-important question. And not just anywhere, but in the beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley. I’d say that’s a worthy place! (: But as I’d never been there myself (oops), I dragged Marc and two good friends there a few weeks beforehand to do a bit of location scouting. Because for such an important occasion, everything had to be just right and the couple and the photographer had to be there at the same place at the same time… (: Without Nancy’s knowledge, Jonathan and I planned everything in advance. On the day in question, I waited somewhat nervously at the agreed location. Our paths almost crossed at the parking lot. Fortunately, I was able to hide in the car in time. Not that Nancy should suspect anything. So I waited at the agreed spot and pretended to be fully interested in photographing the landscape. (Why do I always have to go to the toilet when I’m nervous and have to hide? (I was always so achhhh when playing hide and seek as a child…)) Nancy and Jonathan then came there for a leisurely stroll, the crucial question was asked and a genuflection was not to be missed. Wow, I was so thrilled! So nice to capture a moment like this. The next big surprise was that Nancy’s best friend had also traveled to Switzerland with her husband! Nancy was really overwhelmed, so beautiful. After a few welcoming tears, I had a cozy photo shoot with the two newly engaged couples. Lauterbrunnen offers really beautiful scenery with its waterfalls. Unfortunately, they are not quite as impressive in winter as they are at other times of the year. But this spot on earth is still simply beautiful. Of course, we went to the famous spot with the church in the background. There we simulated the proposal again (;. It was such an honor to be out and about with these two, exchanging and celebrating their engagement! Thank you so much dear Nancy & Jonathan.

PS: By the way, dear Rahel made this beautiful bouquet!


Where are some nice photo spots in Lauterbrunnen?

There is a very well-known view point where you have a great view over the village of Lauterbrunnen, the church, the Staubbach Falls and you can see the mountains from the valley beautifully. You can find this viewpoint in Lauterbrunnen here. You can also take a great walk through the valley from Lauterbrunnen village. You will see various waterfalls along the way. The Staubbach waterfall is one of the most impressive. Other beautiful viewpoints can be found in Wengen or Mürren. I would be happy to help you find a location for your photo shoot in Lauterbrunnen.

Do you have any information or tips for our photo shoot in Lauterbrunnen?

What I strongly recommend is to do the photo shoot early in the morning or at sunset. But my favorite time is early in the morning. Because as soon as it’s a little later, there are lots of tourists scurrying around. And in the early morning you have the magical peace and quiet and can take really beautiful pictures without having to fight for space. (: I also recommend a weekday instead of a weekend. Lauterbrunnen is also very suitable for an elopement. However, I would recommend considering Mürren or Wengen for a little more privacy. Another thing to note is that the waterfalls are not as crowded and beautiful in winter as they have much less water than in the summer months. But the valley still looks very magical in winter with snow.

How much does a couple photo shoot in Lauterbrunnen cost?

For a couple photo shoot I charge the normal costs for a photo session of 1-1.5 hours. There is a fixed price of 480 chf plus travel expenses (I live in the canton of Aargau, in Oberkulm). I will be happy to help you with the calculation. (: The price of course includes all the preparation and post-processing, including careful editing of the pictures. For detailed information regarding the price of the photo shoot, please contact me via the contact form. If you would like to plan an elopement in Lauterbrunnen Valley, then take a look here.

Will you help us choose clothes for a photo shoot?

I would be happy to send you a What to Wear Guide with lots of tips and tricks. It is important to me that you feel super comfortable and beautiful and still be yourselves with your choice of clothes for the photo shoot. (: The choice of clothes is very important so that the pictures are coherent and harmonize. I have documented all the information for you in the What to Wear Guide.

How does a marriage proposal photo shoot work?

First of all, you are welcome to contact me and we will make plans together. If you want it to be a surprise, I’ll be happy to help you plan and find the perfect location. I will photograph the proposal without you noticing, of course with a zoom lens to give you some privacy. Afterwards I will gladly reveal myself and we will celebrate the engagement together with an engagement photo shoot. It’s the greatest thing to capture your facial expressions and reaction to the proposal, I love it!!! :))

What happens if the weather is bad?

If you’re worried about the weather or wondering what happens if it rains, don’t panic! We can be flexible with the shoot and reschedule as needed in covered areas, such as under archways or in beautiful indoor spaces. If the weather gives us blue skies and bright sunshine, all the better! (: But we can also take creative photos with clouds and rain, I promise.

Timing and duration of the photo shoot:

If you are concerned about the time frame of your photo shoot, rest assured that we will take the time we need to get great shots. I like to recommend early morning or late afternoon to capture the most beautiful natural light. A typical couple shoot takes about 1 to 1.5 hours, but if we have particularly creative ideas at a certain location, we’ll just take our time. Let’s make sure we capture the best moments together, without stress. (:

You are welcome to contact me here: contact form. <3