Wedding photos in Iseltwald, Giessbach Falls and Axalp

Snowball wedding fight Axalp

Candy and Wei Xin found me on Instagram. They traveled all the way from Malaysia and spent a few days in Switzerland. On this occasion, they wanted to take wedding photos in Iseltwald and at the Giessbach Falls. Additionally, I suggested a third spot a bit higher up, hoping to encounter some snow. For many Asians, it’s their first time experiencing snow when they travel to Switzerland, just like Candy and Wei Xin. (: When we met in Iseltwald by Lake Brienz, I asked them when the wedding was supposed to take place. They told me they weren’t even engaged yet. I was super surprised because things definitely work differently here. But for them, it’s customary to show the pre-wedding photos to the guests at the actual wedding. It was a chilly November afternoon, and I wasn’t sure if we’d still find snow. Nevertheless, we took beautiful photos in Iseltwald, and then we headed to the impressive Giessbach Falls. Unfortunately, the falls were more like a trickle at this time of year. I definitely didn’t expect that and was a bit shocked haha. But they didn’t mind. On the contrary, suddenly Wei Xin got down on one knee and pulled out a box with a ring from his pocket. WOW, indeed my first marriage proposal that I got to photograph. Spontaneous, surprising, and perfect. (: Of course, we had to celebrate that! Afterwards, we went to Axalp. And indeed, there was snow up there, and it actually started snowing in the end! I was sooo happy. (: The two of them were really tough and didn’t complain about the cold temperatures even once. They were even up for a little snowball fight. Their first one ever haha (: In the end, we took a few more photos in their “normal clothes”. The sky was soooo blue, it was such an intense atmosphere. I loved it! But my hands were really freezing by the end, and I was glad to sit in the warm car on the way home.


What are the benefits of a pre- or after-wedding photoshoot?

A pre- or after-wedding photoshoot has so many advantages! For example, it provides the opportunity for relaxed and creative shots without affecting the tight schedule of the wedding day. This type of shoot is particularly useful if there wasn’t enough time scheduled for extensive photo sessions on the wedding day itself or if it was difficult to reach remote locations – for example, if you want wedding photos in the mountains. (: An after-wedding photoshoot allows you to enjoy the entire wedding celebration with your guests without sacrificing precious time for photoshoots. Additionally, the after-wedding shoot can take place at a location of your choice and at any time to take advantage of the most beautiful natural light for stunning pictures. The relaxed atmosphere allows you to fully focus on each other and the surroundings without the pressure of the wedding day in mind. If the desired photographer was already booked for the wedding date, an after-wedding photoshoot can be an excellent alternative. And of course, it never hurts to wear the wedding dress one more time. (;

What are some great location ideas for pre- or after-wedding photos?

The mountains, by a (mountain) lake, at an industrial area, in a city like Zurich, in a greenhouse, at your home, in a museum, in a skate park (okay, I’ll give you 20% off if you do that haha), etc. I’m more than happy to help you find the perfect location.

Ideas and activities for a pre- or after-wedding photoshoot?

Oh man, so many things come to mind here too. How about roller skating?! Or maybe a relaxed pizza dinner like Esthi & Gäbu did? How about a “trash the dress” action where you jump into a mountain lake? Or a cozy summer picnic at sunrise or sunset? Ah, there are just incredibly many great possibilities. (: